Näytä Poimuri

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The Gym in Tapanila Sport Center
Erätie 3, 00730 Helsinki
(09) 3507 0751


How to use the key card

To ensure the general comfort of everyone exercising at the Mosagym of Tapanilan Urheilukeskus, following rules must be accepted by customers: 

1. Paying attention to other gym users

  • When using gym equipment, leave room for other gym users too
  • Bags, walking shoes and other personal gear are kept neatly only in the places reserved for them (dressing rooms, shelves etc.)
  • Weights and other communal gear returned in their own places after use
  • Exercising barefooted or without shirt is forbidden
  • Use the equipment correctly (respect the weight limits on equipment, kicking the punching bag is allowed without shoes)
  • Exercising with outdoor shoes is strictly prohibited
  • Use proper clothing for training
  • Please pay attention to personal hygiene
  • Should gym equiment break down or require maintenance, inform the staff
  • Using liquid chalk is allowed, lifting straps are provided by the gym.
  • Dropping the weights and loud training is not allowed, please pay attention to other gym users

2. Gym card is PERSONAL

Do not let in people without gym cards. Ticketless people are banned from the gym and those who let ticketless people in, will have their gym card frozen for 6 months.
  • Only one entrance / card, don’t let other people in.
  • Do not give your card to anyone else.
  • Gym card of 3-12 months can be postponed if necessary, in case of injury etc. (medical clearance, or other statement is required). Should the personal gym card get lost or damaged, new card can be purchased from customer service locations.

3. Dressing rooms

  • Pay attention to hygiene of your training gear
  • Dressing rooms are kept clean, trash bins are provided so use them.
  • Pay attention to other users in sauna, use moderate and polite sauna culture
  • Saunas are free to use, women’s sauna is heated upon request

4. Misuses

Should the customer disregard the rules or not pay attention to other gym users, purchased cards can be taken away, frozed or closed. If gym equipment breaks down due to invalid use (punching bag in example) the person responsible will repay the broken equipment.

Continous breaking of the rules may result in permanent banning from the Mosagym. 

5. Incidents, accidents and thefts

At the Mosagym of Tapanilan Urheilukeskus, customers are exercising at their own risk. Age limit to Mosagym is 15. Sports center is not responsible for possible injuries, or the personal items of gym users (wallets, keys, clothes, shoes, cell phones etc.)